Ready to Sweat

Ready to Sweat

One of my resolutions for 2019 was to focus on being healthy and taking care of myself. For me that meant, drinking lots of water, getting good 7-8 hours of sleep everyday, making healthy choices (trying to limit my cheat days to once a week πŸ˜‰ ) and having a regular workout routine. If you’re like me, you may find that sticking to one kind of fitness routine can get boring and repetitive.Β And that leads to taking long breaks or worse abandoning it all together.

I figured that I like to try out new and different ways to workout. So glad MindBody came to my rescue coz the app lets you discover so many different fitness studios around you. And a huge plus for me is that I can keep up with my workout routine even if I’m traveling within the country by booking classes wherever I go.Β 

The app takes away the hassle of figuring out the schedules, pricing and process of booking classes at individual studios. And its not just fitness, you can also explore several beauty, spa and wellness centers in your area.

So let me take you through a few experiences I discovered through the app below:

At BKBX Boston

Skills-based training class at BKBX

I chose to try out BKBX as its one of a kind adventurous sports training studio offering workout routines that are unique and fun. I attended the skills based training class and loved that they turn exercise into a game making it so much more exciting and effective.

305 Cardio class
305 Fitness

Cardio Dance workout at 305 Fitness

Nothing excites me more than dancing. So I was really looking forward to try out the 305 cardio class and boy did I have fun. One hour of high intensity dance moves that were easy to follow while a live DJ blasts some sick beats made this my favorite workout.

Cryotherapy at BKBX

Cryotherapy at BKBX

When I found out that BKBX recovery room offers cryotherapy, I knew I would come back to give it a try. And it was a chilling experience to say the least! Just to give you an idea, it means standing naked in a chamber where the temperature drops to -240 degree Fahrenheit for 3 mins and you’d ask why would I do that to myself ?! Coz it felt great afterwards to recover post a challenging workout, although my body was numb for a few mins.

At Exhale Boston

HIIT at Exhale

This non-stop 30 min high-intensity training class was perfect to tone and strengthen my body. It was exhilarating and I feel I came out stronger from this class. Now, thinking of going back to take the famous Barre class as I feel my body is ready for it!

Sports pedicure at Exhale

Sports Pedicure at Exhale Spa

Its not all about fitness and training but also about relaxation and taking care of your body. So after a grueling class, I treated myself to a Sports Pedicure at Exhale. It was therapeutic and left me with two happy feet!

Bombshell Blowout at Deify

Blow dry at Deify Laser & Beauty Lounge

On a surprise pre-birthday trip to NYC, I found myself in need for some TLC and MindBody app came to the rescue. I was able to browse through several hair salons in the area and promptly book my appointment to be ready for a night out with my squad.

I am determined to keep myself fit and healthy and will continue to explore new and exciting ways to do so with MindBody!


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